Watch Bastille’s New Video For “World Gone Mad”

Bastille have revealed a new apocalyptic video for their song “World Gone Mad”. The track will be featured in Netflix’s upcoming Will Smith-staring movie Bright.

Bright will be released on Netflix on December 22.

Bastille have mentioned that they’re almost done with their new album.

Frontman Dan Smith said: “With the next album we sort of want to acknowledge that we’re living in that world but it’s more of a moment and trying to have a fun time with your friends for a minute in the context of that because I think that can be so overwhelming and anxiety-provoking. Sometimes it’s necessary for your sanity to hone in on the things that you love and the people you enjoy hanging out with. I want our next record – it’s going to be a much more intimate probably slightly more inward looking and fun record. It’s like an apocalyptic party record is what I’ve been calling it.”

Jana Shugaová

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