30 Seconds To Mars Ask US Fans To Participate In A Film Project

US 30STM fans pay attention! You have a chance to take part in the band’s upcoming film project.

Called A Day In The Life Of America, the film is aiming to document life in today’s USA. It will include fan-filmed footage from all 50 states, capturing a day in the life of the USA on the Independance Day.

The project was announced by frontman Jared Leto in a trailer that was posted on Twitter. In the video Leto explains how to participate –  fans who are interested can upload their videos to the band’s website.

The band has also shared a statement in Rolling Stone. Leto said: “I want people to capture what’s important to them, in their state. We want to see the real America. A baby being born, the complete circle of life, a billionaire, a family living in a shelter, police patrolling the streets, protesters, refugees, heroes and villains, a truck driver, a sky diver, a sex worker, a base jumper, a firefighter, and every great race, color and creed that make up the fabric of our nation. Trailer parks and Trump hotels, big cities and small towns, farmers and football players. A doctor, a preacher, a baptism, a funeral. Sunrise and Sunset. Let’s show it in all its beauty – warts and all.”

It is likely that A Day In The Life Of America is somehow linked to the band’s next album, which is rumored to be in the works and set for release at some point this year. Not much has been revealed about the new record yet, except for a couple of statements from Jared Leto, who said that the new record would be “very, very different” from the band’s past work and described it as “very sexual”.

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