3Teeth and Ho99o9 Team Up For Raging New Single ‘Paralyze’

3Teeth have shared their ripping new single “Paralyze” featuring Ho99o9.

The song is utter fury with 3Teeth’s furious industrial-metal sound feeling more brutal and violent than before. Ho99o9’s abrasive verses only add to the sheer chaos making it another banger for 3Teeth.

Frontman Alexis Mincolla explains the song’s meaning saying “Everyone seems to be heading into a visionless future and unable to do anything about it. The paralysis seems to be contagious as we all know things have to change, but it seems easier to imagine the end of the world then it does actual change at this point.”

He continued, “The media-induced tribalism keeps us in a gridlocked state of cultural schizophrenia as we continue to be trapped in the shadow of our progress. This song was aiming to reflect the frustrations and the horror that we all experience in our current state of waking sleep paralysis these days.”

Listen to the song below.

The song is slated to appear on the band’s as-of-yet unannounced new album produced by sound designer Mick Gordon, best known as the composer for the DOOM video game franchise.

3Teeth will join Cradle of Filth and Once Human on their fall 2021 tour starting in October. Check out their dates here.

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