A Perfect Circle Reveal Hologram Version Of New Album

A Perfect Circle are planning to release a deluxe box set version of their new album, Eat the Elephant. This version comes with a vinyl, CD, download card, and a custom deck of cards featuring band members. But what stands out about this box set is a new way to listen to the album, which is dubbed as “the world’s first hologram album.”

Documentarian Steven Sebring directed the full-length visual recreation of the album. Clocking in at 58 minutes, Sebring follows the arc of the record through the eyes of a young girl. To experience it, you just need to download an app using the included code and place an upside-down prismĀ on top of your phone.

So it’s not like the infamous Tupac hologram. Rather, you’re looking at the mirrors of the prism reflecting the images on your phone to create a somewhat 3D video.

Check out the box set by watching the unboxing video below. You can purchase your copy here.

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