AFI Announce 2022 ‘Bodies’ Tour

Following the release of their new album Bodies, AFI have announced dates for their 2022 tour.

The “Bodies” tour kicks off on February 11th in San Diego, California, and wraps up on March 25th in Los Angeles, California. Cold Cave will open all shows.

“So anxiously, we’ve awaited the ability to perform our eleventh record for you,” says AFI’s Davey Havok. “This winter, please join us in the Bodies celebration long overdue.”

Tickets go on sale Friday, June 25th at 10 AM local time. Check out all the dates below.

AFI recently released their eleventh album Bodies. During a recent interview with Forbes, Havok spoke about the songs from the new record he’s looking forward to playing live.

” All of them. I would love to play all of them. I’m really looking forward to trying “Dulceria” live. There’s a track called “Tied To A Tree,” that I’m very curious to hear how that will develop in a live forum. “Begging For Trouble” is a really, really fun one for me. I’m looking forward to that. Honestly, all of them. This is a record that I’m very, very happy about and very much looking forward to play. I would go out and play the album front to back. That would be fun for me. That won’t happen. We don’t do that. But that would be fun.”

Havok also spoke about the difficulty of recording the album during the height of COVID:

“…when COVID hit we had plans to release and tour the record. And those were halted. It was tough for me to be sitting on this record that I loved so much and like it or not we would inevitably have to release it or, we wouldn’t have to but I felt inevitably that the group would want to release it before we would be able to play on it. And that’s what’s happening. So that’s tough. That schedule allowed us to put out a record without the scheduling of a tour. But for me, that’s hard because the performance of the music means so much to me. Now of course I know that doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to perform these songs at some point. These songs, they won’t go away. But it is a surreal circumstance for me to, for the first time, in my life as a musician release music into a void. With no live realization of that music. It is weird.”

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