Alkaline Trio Announce New Album ‘Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs’

Alkaline Trio is back to announce their 10th album Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs, which arrives January 26th, 2024 via Rise Records.

Produced by Cameron Webb, who previously worked with the band on 2018’s Is This Thing Cursed? and recorded in Dave Grohl‘s Studio 606, the album’s title derives from stories vocalist Matt Skiba remembers from his childhood.

“My mom worked for years as an emergency room nurse,” he said in a press statement. “She and her co-workers referred to exceptionally busy nights as ‘blood, hair, and eyeballs.’ Well, we’ve been busy making an exceptional record we refer to as Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs, too.”

Talking about the album’s themes, Skiba says “A lot of the stuff that was inspiring me on this record was this apocalypse culture that we live in. Without sounding trite, it’s the way that we get our information now through social media. There’s always been good always been horror, but it feels like the horror hits our doorsteps much quicker these days. It gives people the feeling that things are escalating horribly.”

Bassist Dan Andriano adds “It’s tough all around right now. We can’t do drugs anymore because they’ll kill you. We can’t go anywhere safely because people are shooting places up. It’s dark, and it’s a bummer.”

To preview the album, the band have shared the title track and its Ravi Dhar-directed video where pro skaters and punks turning into zombies. Watch it below.

Pre-order Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs here.

In support of the upcoming album, Alkaline Trio have announced a 2024 tour with Drug Church. The tour starts February 22nd in Anaheim, California, and wraps up March 30th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pre-sale starts today while general sale starts on Wednesday, October 18th.



01. Hot for Preacher
02. Meet Me
03. Versions of You
04. Bad Time
05. Scars
06. Break
07. Shake with Me
08. Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs
09. Hinterlude
10. Broken Down in a Time Machine
11. Teenage Heart


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