Blink-182 Complain About Lockdown On New Song ‘Quarantine’

We’ve been in lockdown so long, even Blink-182 are sick of it. The band complains about all the ways lockdown and COVID-19 suck on their new song “Quarantine.”

The skate punk track sees bassist Mark Hoppus singing “I guess I’m blessed to be so fucking bored,” and later singing, “Quarantine, fuck this disease/I’d rather be on Star Tours or stuck at the DMV.” There’s also a bit of a political edge as Hoppus sings “It’ll disappear in April, just like a miracle/We don’t need social distance, we don’t need old people/So throw the shop doors open/Save our economy/We don’t need ICU beds or PPE.” It captures the frustration many have been feeling in quarantine while adding a dash of humor that only Blink-182 could pull off. And it doesn’t hurt that it kicks ass.

“This song is about the sadness, confusion, anger and frustration we are all experiencing right now. I hope that everybody is safe and that we can get through this very soon. Can’t wait to see you all on the other side,” said Hoppus in a statement.

Drummer Travis Barker addes “The song was inspired by the quarantine and the crappy punk rock music we have loved to play since day one. All the drums are one take and I even sang some back up vocals. Mark sounds more pissed off than I’ve ever heard him and I really like it.”

As Exclaim points out, Matt Skiba doesn’t seem to be involved on the track. It is credited to Hoppus, Barker and co-writer Brian Lee.

Listen to the song below.

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