Is Blink-182 About To Announce New Music?

Things are getting weird in the Blink-182 world. After previous speculation that Tom DeLonge had rejoined the band, the guys seem to be gearing up for a big announcement.

The band has completely wiped their Instagram, cleaning all of their posts on the account. Their social media picture has been changed to an old-school black and white smiley face logo. Fans have also spotted a series of ads for something called “182 INDUSTRIES” with posters saying “Your future is cumming…in the blink of an eye.”

Fans who visit the band’s website are greeted with a scrolling “under construction” message saying that they are “hard at work” and encouraging people to “check back soon.”

Furthermore, fans have started spotting new Blink-182 posters out in the wild. Black and white posters have been spotted in Mexico, while others have seen the previously mentioned “182 INDUSTRIES” ad.

Previously, Mark Hoppus told fans “If and when blink has any announcement about anything, you will hear it here or from the official blink-182 outlets. Not teased on a radio station like ‘tune in for a major announcement… Tom tagged Mark in a photo from two decades ago.’”

Well, seems like big news is coming soon!

Just got this add on the subreddit from Blink182

Spotify changed their picture from Matt, Mark and Travis to just their logo. from Blink182

182 Industries at 12th and 2nd Ave, NYC from Blink182

Who the hell did they get to plaster all of this across the world????! And so fast also?! from Blink182

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