BriGuel Shares Their Latest Work 2020 Vision – Debut EP In Collaboration With Andres Gonzalez

Hailing from NYC, BriGuel artist couple has been making noise around for a while now. With releases such as “Who Do You Wanna Be” and “Life Is A Lesson,” they have built their signature sound, blending conscious rap and mindful R&B that uplifts and cheers up listeners. 

In times when HipHop very often mainly focuses on riches, parties, and hedonism, it’s heartwarming to hear a group that calmly comments on current social issues and conflicts. The core of BriGuel’s work is cultural, political, philosophical, and economic consensus, and it’s all dressed up in a smooth sonic adventure. 

The artist couple recently shared their brand new project 2020 Vision, an EP created in collaboration with rapper Andres Gonzalez. The collection features 6 equally well-produced tracks, each of them incorporating a different vibe. 

In their latest interview with Rollacoster, BriGuel explained where their inspiration came from while creating 2020 Vision:

2020 Vision was initially inspired by “The Difference,” the song and documentary that we produced with Andres Gonzalez and the Holistic Life Foundation, of which he’s a co-Founder. In “The Difference,” we examine: how do we make sure our children live and thrive rather than struggle to survive? What can we do to make a difference? In our case, we use music and film to accomplish this task, so we decided to continue creating impactful music with Andres and 2020 Vision was born.

The EP kicks off with a philosophical “No One Really Knows,” a song that focuses on accepting and working with the unknown, and how it affects the perception of our reality. The philosophical vibe continues up throughout the whole collection, escalating on the calmer ballad “Dark Oblivion.” Brianne’s deep and tender vocal stretches to its limits while Miguel drops the best rap he has ever delivered. 

It’s pretty difficult to clearly describe the genre that BriGuel and their EP represents. 2020 Vision incorporates rap (in English and Spanish), soul, pop, and even some EDM influences on the closing track “Keep Going,” which is the highlight of the whole EP.  

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