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Concert Review: Justin Timberlake, 11/26/2013 in Los Angeles

Photo: Sylvia Rodriguez

The unforgettable Justin Timberlake ’20/20 Expeirence’ World Tour. 
 At the Los Angeles Staples Center, November, 26. 2013

It has been 6 years since I have seen Justin Timberlake in concert. The first time I saw him was back in 2007 for his ‘FutureSex/LoveShow’ concert. Here we are in 2013 and Justin Timberlake isn’t even finished yet, this tour will end somewhere around 2014.
Justin Timberlake is not just a musician, he is a performer. He knows how to interact with the crowd and get you off your seats. 

Photo: Sylvia Rodriguez

Here. We. Go.
It’s 8:00pm and we are in a sold out venue waiting to be entertained by one of the greatest musicians of our time. There was no opening performer, we just had this awesome DJ who was playing hits and interacting with the crowd. It’s about that time for the main man himself to come out and give us what we’ve been waiting for, the concert of a lifetime. (I’m going to try my best and rember the set list as best as I can.)  
He started off with a couple of songs from his ‘Future/Sex Loveshow’ album and then mixed in some from ‘Justified’ and of course songs from ‘The 20/20 Experience’ pt. 1 & 2. The set list went something like this: ‘Pusher Love Girl’, ‘Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)’, ‘Rock Your Body’, ‘Don’t Hold The Wall’, ‘FutureSex/LoveSound’, ‘Like I Love You, ‘My Love’, ‘TKO’, ‘Strawberry Bubblegum’, ‘Summer Love’, ‘LoveStoned’, ‘Until The End Of Time’, ‘Holy Grail intro into Cry Me A River’, ‘Only When I Walk Away’, True Blood’, ‘Drink You Away’, ‘Tunnel Vision’, ‘Señorita’, ‘Let The Groove Get In’, ‘That Girl’, ‘Heartbreak Hotel(Cover)’, ‘Not A Bad Thing’, ‘Human Nature(Cover)’, ‘What Goes Around…Comes Around’, ‘Cabaret’, ‘Take Back The Night’, ‘Jungle Boogie(Cover)’, ‘Murder’, ‘Poison’, ‘Suit & Tie’, ‘SexyBack’, and the finale was the beautiful song ‘Mirrors’.


Did I mention that part of the stage moved across the floor and back!?! Yes, that did happen during his performance and it was amazing. The light show that was incorporated into the songs was on point, the movement of the lights corresponding with the beats of the songs was unforgettable.

It was so loud with girls/ women screaming like crazy hoping that JT would just never stop singing. Being a sold out show, this is one to remember. He gave us the performance of a lifetime and let’s not forget about the ‘Tennessee Kids’ and how amazing they were. That band of his was just incredible, the energy they had radiated throughout the whole venue was just breath taking. They performed every song with so much energy, I couldn’t believe it. So, that’s how my concert experience went, hope you all like what I had to say. Can’t wait to tell you about my next and final concert of 2013. 

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