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Concert Review: Paramore in Cologne 6/24/2017

To describe the show of Paramore you will need a few more words than just the standard “awesome gig”- version!
Paramore are back with energy, power, good vibes and everything else you need to have an absolutely brilliant night!

Last Saturday,  Paramore’s so called “After Laughter – Tour One” made a stop at Cologne’s Palladium.
It´s been four years since Paramore last toured in Germany with their “Self titled Tour” in 2013.
Needless to say the fans were highly excited for this concert and some even camped in front of the venue the night before to get the best views from the front row.

The expectations were high and once more Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Zac Farro didn’t fail to put on one of the best shows they’ve ever been to!

They got supported by Los Angeles’ pop-punk-rockers Bleached.  The 4-piece-band got the crowd into the right mood for tonight’s main act with their 30 minute set including songs of their albums “Ride Your Heart” (2013), “Welcome The Worms” (2016) and some covers.

Half an hour after Bleached finished, it was time for Paramore to enter the stage.
And they did! Opening their set with the newest single “Told You So”, followed up by the hit singles “That’s What You Get” and “Brick By Boring Brick” and the entire crowd was a happy bunch of dancing and smiling people!

Their setlist was a good mix of the last decade of Paramore songs from almost all Paramore albums:

– Told you so
– That’s what you get
– Brick by boring Brick
– Still into you
– Caught in the middle
– Turn it off
– Decode
– Caught myself
– Hate to see your heart break
– Fake happy
– Everywhere
– Rose-colored Boy
– Playing God
– Ain’t it fun
– Misery Business

– Forgiveness
– Scooby’s in the Back
– Hard Times

Through the entire set the audience danced and celebrated every song.
There wasn’t even one lyric line the crowd didn’t sing out loud. 
The amazingly colorful stage lighting rounded up the band’s performance. 

One of the highlights of the set was “Misery Business”! Not just because it’s THE evergreen of Paramore, but also because they even chose two fans to join them on stage! One fan played Taylor’s guitar, while the other fan sang the bridge of the song. 
Even before the show you could see a lot of fans holding up posters saying they would “die to join them onstage”. 
Needless to say this was the highlight for the lucky ones who got picked, also it was super adorable to view it from the audience and just be happy with them!

After a short break, the encore started with “Forgiveness”, a song taken from the new album “After Laughter”, which made you get caught back into the magic of Paramore’s live performance immediately. 

My surprisingly personal highlight was Paramore performing the song “Scooby’s In The Back”, a song originally by Zac Farro’s band “Half Noise”.
Zac Farro was joined by Hayley Williams to sing the track and it looked like they were having a huge party onstage and we were all invited!

The last song of the night was “Hard Times” and it was honestly pretty hard to let Paramore go and realize the show is over – until next time that is.  Because once you saw Paramore live, you’ll want to see them again and again!
Hayley Williams’ energetic voice and her performance, along Taylor York’s guitar playing and Zac Farro’s drums on the one side – and the always lovely and wonderful fanbase on the other side.

Watching Paramore live is always one of my highlights of the year and if you haven’t yet, it’s about time! You surely won’t regret it and of course you can thank us later! 

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