CONTRACULT Collective Get Kinky In New NSFW ‘Hogtied’ Video

CONTRACULT Collective explore the pleasures of bondage and S&M in their new “Hogtied” video.

The NSFW clip produced by AORTAx, features the duo in an S&M dungeon where Mistress Neena and Dia Dynasty are waiting to provide pleasure through pain.

Check out the video below.

Previously, the duo shared the clip for their latest song “It’s the Water.” Though they haven’t released a record yet, they’ve shared numerous singles including their raucous cover of Hole’s “Violet” and the abrasive “WDYT.”

CONTRACULT Collective is currently working on their debut full-length album. In the meantime, you can check out their songs here. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates. And find out why they’re one of our favorite new bands of 2020 here.

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