Corey Taylor Reveals Slipknot Self-Titled 25th Anniversary Shows In The Works

Next year, Slipknot’s groundbreaking self-titled debut album will celebrate its 25th anniversary, and it appears the band will commemorate the occasion in a big way.

Frontman Corey Taylor hinted at a series of 25th anniversary shows during an interview with Chaoszine. When asked about his plans for 2024, Taylor said:

“Right now, Slipknot’s kind of wrapping up a little bit,” Taylor said of Slipknot’s current schedule. “Next year, I know we’re talking about doing a handful of shows all over the world because it’s gonna be the 25th anniversary of the first album.”

Taylor quickly tempered expectations saying “Now, don’t quote me on that,” he joked while talking to the camera. “Best way to make God laugh is to announce your plans out loud. But that’s what we’re hinting at, it’s what we’re talking about.”

So while the shows aren’t confirmed, it appears to be in the works. Fingers crossed this actually happens.

During the same interview, Taylor made his first comments on Slipknot’s mysterious new keyboard player:

“Obviously, any time you have a change like that, it makes you have to kind of lean into adversity a little bit,” Taylor said. “We took a little more time to kind of figure things out. Obviously, [him being a] new guy.”

“[He’s] good — really good,” Taylor continued. “He’s a total musician. But it took him a second to kind of find his way. But now he’s killing it. Now he’s really, really good.”

Yet, still no word on the identity of the new member, who quietly replaced longstanding member Craig Jones.

Check out the interview below.

Ashley Perez Hollingsworth

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