DJ Khaled Becomes Social Media Ambassador for Weight Watchers

DJ Khaled quickly became known as one of the kings of social media. For a long time he has used his platform to report on his daily activities, and now he is taking it one step further by inviting his fans and followers to join him on his weight-loss journey.

On his Instagram videos, he announced his collaboration with Weight Watchers to become their new social media ambassador and join their newly launched campaign WW Freestyle. In a press release, Khaled said: ‘Weight Watchers is all about being great and being yourself. […] To be great is to be healthy; to be healthy means a shift in my lifestyle, and the new WW Freestyle program is all about healthier habits for my life. The WW program and community is my partner in this process to greatness and I am grateful for what’s to come and to share my journey with you all.’

DJ Khaled will be using his social media to share both tips on the Weight Watchers point system, as well as his own personal experiences. Team Genre is Dead wishes DJ Khaled nothing but health and good vibes in this great program!

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