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Festival Review: Slam Dunk Midlands – Birmingham 05/27/2017

This year was my first time ever attending the Slam Dunk Festival in the UK.
The festival itself contains 3 dates at 3 different locations.
We, that means 3 friends of mine and me, chose the one in Birmingham on Saturday, 27th May at the NEC.
We arrived on Friday in Birmingham so we were able to go to the pre party, the UPRAWR party!
It was so much fun there! Cheap drinks, good music and a great atmosphere to get you in the right vibe for the upcoming day!
And what was definitely a plus is, that you can get your wristband at that party. So you don’t have to wait for hours at the festival.

It closed at 3am, so we got ourselves a taxi (uber taxi is the best choice over there) and went straight to bed.

The Slam Dunk itself started at 1pm on Saturday. We got there by 2pm-ish and were so thankful we already got our wristbands at the uprawr-party, because the queue for wristbands was immensely long.
The NEC is a huge and great place for a festival. There were 9 stages in total.
3 of them (including the Jägermeister stage, where for example Don Broco and the headliners Enter Shikari played) are inside, the rest of the stages was outside.
So no matter what weather you have then, you can enjoy live music everywhere. 🙂

You don’t have to worry about food and drinks either! No matter what you like, you´ll probably find it there! Vegan, vegetarian and meat-options were given!
As well as drinks – alcoholic or non-alcoholic – no problem!
But, as typical for a festival, bring some cash money with you! It wasn’t cheap, but it was tasty and so worth it. 🙂

When you travel to a festival with a group, at some point the group splits because everyone wants to see a different band.
I got to see a few bands like Crossfaith, Counterfeit, Frank Iero, Stray from the Path, Don Broco and Enter Shikari.
They all played on different stages, but the crowd and the atmosphere was phenomenal everywhere! I really enjoyed it and the whole day rushed by!
My personal highlight was Enter Shikari, who headlined the festival with their “Take to the Skies – 10 year anniversary tour”!

After Enter Shikari everyone had to leave the building. So the SD crew was able to clean up for the official afterparty. Sadly we couldn’t stay for that party, as we had to catch our last train for that night.
But what I heard from other friends made me decide, that I won´t miss the after party next year again!

So, I would travel from Germany to the UK for the Slam Dunk again!
Next year maybe the SD North in Leeds or the SD South in Hatfield. 🙂

Anyways you wouldn’t regret your decision to spend your time and money in this festival, and for sure you’ll have one of the best times of your life!

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Janine Halcyon

Heya, I´m Janine! A 28 year old girl from Germany! There are 3 things that I´m obsessed with: 1. My dog Sheela 2. Enter Shikari 3. Series I love to walk around with Sheela and sometimes just enjoy the natural silence in the woods. The other thing I enjoy is the complete opposite: Gigs! Mostly Enter Shikari, as they are my fave band for 10 years now! And besides all that what (basically) everyone loves: just sit down on the couch, relax and watch a good series. And what´s the most important thing to know about me: I´m literally just as crazy about music like you! :D

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