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I bet you all know how it feels when you’re at a concert of your favorite band and some unknown opening act is playing. You think, they are actually quite good, but you can’t really appreciate the show, cause it’s your first listen.
One of my most favorite part of concerts (right after seeing my fav band) is checking out who is supporting and getting into their music.

In November 2012, I saw Florence and the Machine in Düsseldorf with Spector opening. They were pretty cool, but not my thing, really. Totally different was my first encounter with Fenech-Soler. They supported Paramore at their European Tour in September and I saw them in Düsseldorf. Before the show, some guys walked around and gave us “business” cards of Fenech-Soler. I later on found out, that it were the band members themselves. If you like an Indie-Rock band version of Justin Timberlake, you should check them out for sure! They blew me away, cause they had so much energy. Everyone was dancing and jumping to their music and their album is so much fun! The newest record is called “Ritual” and you can buy/download/listen to it at the usual places.


On November 9, I will see the White Lies in Cologne. Their opening act is a band called “In the Valley Below” and I’ve had never heard of them. Their album “The Belt” is amazing and I’m so looking forward to seeing them live – almost as much as seeing the White Lies. They are like a super hipster rock ‘n’ roll version of The XX, or a less annoying version of The Naked and Famous. I strongly recommend them if you like those bands.


Which opening acts blew you away? Do you even care about them?

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Melissa Wilke

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  • Nicole Arries

    When Linkin Park came to South Africa last year November, their opening act was a band called Kongos. I must say I really enjoyed their music even tho I’ve never heard of them before and it even prompted me to download the songs I’ve heard after the concert. Still getting to know them as a band.

    • Many LP fans talked about them after the show. They must’ve gained quite a number of fans.


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