GID! Top 5 Albums in 2017: Editors’ Picks

Marissa Gutierrez (Writer, Video Editor)

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1. Neck Deep- The Peace and The Panic

I’ve been a big fan of Neck deep for a while, so this newest album release was a long time coming for me (especially since seeing them live at Warped Tour this year). I had high expectations following their previous album, Life’s Not Out To Get You, and was definitely not disappointed. My favorite tracks off of this album are “In Bloom”, “Motion Sickness” and “Happy Judgement Day”.

2. Mt. Eddy- Chroma

Mt. Eddy is a young, promising band from the bay (and fairly close to my hometown!) who pack a whole lot of punch in Chroma. I discovered them through one of my favorite bands, SWMRS, a while ago and have had their album on repeat ever since. Some of my favorite tracks from Chroma include “Orange”, “Lovely”, “Working Title” and “Wilshambe”.

3. Paramore- After Laughter

This album being in my top five is an absolute no brainer. Paramore have evolved their sound so beautifully combining upbeat pop rock music with lyrics revolving around relatable themes of exhaustion, depression and anxiety. My favorite tracks from the album include “Fake Happy”, “Rose Colored Boy” and “Told You So”.

4. Superfruit- Future Friends (Pt. 1)

The album releases from the duo Superfruit are quite different from what I normally listen to, but the tracks on these albums are instant “get on your feet and dance your cares away” type songs. Fingers crossed that these two continue to make music together, because their music is the pop soundtrack I didn’t know my life needed. My favorite tracks from this album include “Imaginary Parties”, “Worth It (Perfect)” and “Bad 4 Us” (with an honorary mention: “How You Feeling?” from their Pt. 2 album).

5. All Time Low- Last Young Renegade

I’ve been a fan of All Time Low since I was 9 and I heard So Wrong, It’s Right for the first time, and here I am 11 years later still supporting one of my favorite bands. I will admit I was hesitant to their evolved sound, but once I gave this album a chance I came to appreciate the direction they’re headed and how much they have grown as a band (as well as seeing them live again twice this year just reconfirming my adoration for them). My favorite tracks off of this album include “Last Young Renegade”, “Nice2KnoU” and “Good Times”.

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