Gorillaz Debut New Song ‘Hollywood’ During Chile Performance

If you believe what Gorillaz collaborator Jamie Hewlett says, there will be a new album from the band this year. The band is working on new music and those who attended their gig in Santiago, Chile were treated to a new song.

During the performance, the band played a new track called “Hollywood.” The song was first mentioned by frontman Damon Albarn in an interview with Billboard last year. Since then, they played it as part of their pre-show rehearsals but didn’t make an official live debut until their gig in Chile. You can watch footage below.

The song features a verse from a guest who wasn’t present at the show. Albarn challenged fans to “see if you can work out who it is.” It seems he’s referring to Snoop Dogg, but this has yet to be confirmed. He continued to tease the crowd about their new album saying it would be released “very soon.” He told the crowd “If you go and tell anyone that we’re putting a new album out very soon then I’ll deny it because I didn’t say that, alright?”

Previously Gorillaz debuted the new song “Idaho” last year. Check out that live¬†performance here.


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