Gorillaz Tease New Music With Song Machine Project

Gorillaz are brewing up something good. The band recently shared a teaser for a new project called Gorillaz present Song Machine.

It’s unknown exactly what this is teasing, but the Spotify listing refers to this as “Season One” and tells fans to “Follow for the next episode.” Could this be the band’s long-rumored cartoon?

The teaser includes a 20-second snippet of new music labeled “Theme Tune,” so it’s safe to say the project will feature new music. Gorillaz are expected to release a new single featuring slowthai and Slave later this week.

Watch the teaser below.

Gorillaz’s documentary about the making of 2017’s Humanz and 2018’s The Now Now, premiered in theaters last December.


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Follow your nearest Song Machine (snooze you lose)

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