GosT Pays Homage To 80’s Horror In New ‘Dreadfully Pious’ Video

GosT has shared their new music video for “Dreadfully Pious,” from their latest album Valediction.

The clip, directed by Diego González Cruz, is a love letter to the 80’s slasher flicks that inspired their music. We see Baalberith, GosT’s former skull-faced moniker, wreaking havoc on a party and picking off victims, who are trying to have a good time.

“Baalberith makes a brutal return in the video for ‘Dreadfully Pious’. We would like to thank the director Diego González Cruz, cinematographer Andrés F. Morales and producer Pivote and Plot Studio for their absolutely beautiful and violent vision! Warning! This video contains graphically violent imagery. Watch at your own risk,” states GOST about the video.

Watch the video below.

GosT is currently wrapping up their European tour, which wraps up March 15th in London. Find all the remaining dates here. And make sure to check out our recent interview with GosT where we talk about new music, a love for horror movies, and the state of synthwave.

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