Green Day Announce New Single And Confirm New LP Tracklisting

Get ready because there’s new music coming from Green Day!

Earlier this week, the band announced on Twitter that their next single, “Oh Yeah!,” will be released January 16th. They also confirmed the tracklisting for their upcoming album Father of All Motherfuckers.

The tracklisting was originally posted last month by a fan who claimed they were sent the vinyl sleeve from Green Day’s new album. At the time, it was unclear whether this was the official tracklisting, but now it’s been confirmed by Green Day, who responded Rocksound’s coverage of it saying:

Recently, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong posted a video on Instagram looking for a big enough backyard to hold an album release party.

Father of All Motherfuckers comes out February 7th. Get a copy here.


01. Father Of All…
02. Fire, Ready, Aim
03. Oh Yeah!
04. Meet Me On The Roof
05. I Was A Teenage Teenager
06. Stab You In The Heart
07. Sugar Youth
08. Junkies On A High
09. Take The Money And Crawl
10. Graffitia

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