(Non)Green Day Side Project, The Network, Returns With New Song

Editor’s Note: It has since been brought to our attention that Green Day has nothing to do with The Network. We’d like to apologize for any confusion.

The Network, Green Day‘s new wave side project, have released their first new song in 17 years.

The band posted their new song “Ivankkka Is a Nazi” on Instagram earlier today. The accompanying music video features the masked band performing in front of a green screen while old black and white newsreel flash behind them.

Watch the video below.

After 17 years of silence, The Network returned last week with a new Instagram account. The band posted a cryptic teaser titled “The Prophecy,” which featured a snippet of a new song with the lyrics “We’re right. You’re wrong. We told you so.” The band followed this up with another brief song called “Tarantula.” They also hinted at a new album tentatively titled Money Money 2020 Pt. II. 

The Network released their sole album, Money Money 2020, in 2003. Though it has since been revealed that Green Day are the ones behind the band, members have denied it claiming the two bands have a long standing rivalry. With the band’s return, Green Day have taken to social media to deny claims that they are The Network. In a 2013 Rolling Stone interview, Mike Dirnt confirmed the side project.

Meanwhile, Warner Records has joined in on the fun announcing The Network as their new signees. Green Day responded to their tweet saying “WTF?!”

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