Hayley Williams Shares New Song ‘Leave It Alone’

Paramore’s Hayley Williams offers up another preview of her upcoming solo album with “Leave It Alone.”

She also shared the song’s accompanying music video directed by Warren Fu, who previously worked on Williams’ “Simmer” video. The clip sees her emerging from a cocoon and walking through a desolate forest.

Watch the video below.

Williams spoke about the song’s backstory with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe saying:

“My family went through something insane in the middle of… I’m working. I’m doing all this work on childhood stuff and traumas and I’m terrified of losing people obviously. And my Nana, who was my mom’s mother had this terrible fall and it was right after, it was the day after… Her and I share a birthday. She’s 50 years older than me, so she’s 81 now. The day after her 80th, my 30th, she fell like all the way down my mom’s stairs and head trauma. Like the kind of thing that we had said goodbye to her. Right? And in a weird twisted… The weirdest thing is that she got better, but it prolonged the grief because she’s not really here with us. She doesn’t really remember everything. Thankfully she knows who I am, she knows who my mom is, but she really doesn’t. It was so tough and felt like there was a lot of death at the time. ”

Hear the rest of the interview here.

Petals for Armor arrives on May 8th.

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