Ho99o9 Release New Song ‘BATTERY NOT INCLUDED’

Ho99o9 have shared their frantic new single “BATTERY NOT INCLUDED” produced by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and released on Barker’s own label DTA Records.

“I think we’ve all had our moments where we’re fed up, our mind isn’t rational, our eyesight is only seeing red, and within that sequence, emotions can get the best of us,” says the OGM of the new song. “BATTERY NOT INCLUDED is aimed to focus on when you’re past the conscious state of no return – anything is liable to happen when pushed past your limits.”

Watch the video below.

The duo recently spoke with KERRANG! about working with Baker and detailing their new music to come:

“Travis Barker is known for the pop-punk aesthetic with most of the artists that he’s worked with, and I like that we were able to do something different with him and challenge that. I know [there will be people] who hear that Ho99o9 are putting out an album with Travis Barker, and probably be like, ’Ah man, I don’t know. They probably sold out…’ But when you hear it, you’re like, ‘Oh shit, it’s still Ho99o9! This is fire!’ There’s going to be people that love it and there’s going to be people that don’t fuck with it. Fuck ’em. Who cares? That’s what comes with putting your art out there. Anything that you do, that comes with it. But this shit gonna hit. I’m telling you right now, I don’t have no doubts.”

“I might be taking a long shot with this,” adds Yeti Bones, “but this is just something that hasn’t been done before. I think it’s just going to be monumental. It’s just always forward-thinking, staying 10 steps ahead of the game musically and mentally with what we’re doing and how we do it and how we put everything out on the table. This album has to stand the test of time.”

Catch Ho99o9 at this year’s Knotfest Roadshow alongside Slipknot, Cypress Hill, In This Moment, and Jinjer.

Ashley Perez Hollingsworth

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