Linkin Park Updates Website With Their Old Band Computer

Ever wanted to know what’s on Mike Shinoda‘s desktop? Now, you can browse through the Linkin Park rapper’s desktop from 20 years ago on the band’s official website.

This blast from the past feels like booting up a Windows 98 computer. You can go through system settings, change the theme, look through the recycling bin filled with what seems to be concept art for Hybrid Theory, open old emails, read a message from Shinoda, and even play a game of Solitaire. Fans can also unlock hidden files on the site that is if you can figure out the admin password. See if you can crack the code here.

Recently, Shinoda teased that Linkin Park is doing “something very cool” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hybrid Theory.

Speaking to an audience of Kerrang! magazine readers as part of a Kerrang! Face-To-Face video, Shinoda said “I don’t know what I should say about it. We’re planning some fun stuff. All I’ll say is that we’ve put some work in — not just the band. In fact, I’d say the label and management and the folks who have been with us for a long time and worked on our stuff along the way… We’ve done our best to kind of go to a lot of people who are family, in a sense, and say, ‘What do you think we should do? What would be a good kind of celebration of ‘Hybrid Theory’?’ and try to do our best to actually do a bunch of those ideas.

He continued: “The Linkin Park fanbase is one of the most creative and active fanbases out there,” he continued. “The problem, for me, is that if I’m not allowed to divulge information because I want it to be a surprise, then the creative fanbase starts jumping out and imagining things. They come up with their own great ideas, and then once in a while, those great ideas are better than our ideas.

“So I would urge the fanbase to just let it happen. And don’t come up with ideas of what we ought to do, because your ideas might be better than ours. But we do have something coming that I think is very cool. And I’m excited for — what is it? The end of October, right?”

Meanwhile, Shinoda recently released Dropped Frames Vol. 2.


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