Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Reflects On His Friendship With Chester Bennington

It’s been four months since we lost Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington. The remaining members of the band recently paid tribute to Bennington at an all-star benefit event. Now in a new interview with Kerrang! Mike Shinoda opens up about his friendship with the late rocker.

He reflects on how much time he and Bennington spent together over the years both inside and outside of the band:

“I spent more time with Chester than anyone else in my adult life, except for my wife. We were always around each other. People would say we were like brothers, but we were different because brothers are bound by blood. Technically we were dudes in a band who could break up and walk away from each other if we wanted to. I think it’s more exceptional that we never did that.”

He also remembers his dedication to his family, his work in the band, and staying sober:

“I know he worked really hard to do what he did. He woke up in the morning and spent time with his family. He worked out for two hours. He went to AA meetings, or therapy, or whatever worked that part of his brain. He warmed up his voice. He did all of those things just to exist in everyday life… I know he worked so hard to be the guy that everybody saw. It didn’t come easily for him at all.”

So far, Linkin Park has not made a decision as far as continuing without Bennington.

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