Listen To Rob Zombie And Marilyn Manson Cover ‘Helter Skelter’

Tonight (July 11) Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson kick off their Twins of Evil: The Second Coming tour in Detroit, MI. But before they hit the stage, the two have premiered their cover of The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” over at Rolling Stone. Zombie and Manson switch off on vocal duties throughout the song as the music gets more intense and heavy. The two plan to perform the song onstage at every tour stop. Check out the song below

Speaking to Loudwire about the cover Zombie said We got together a month or so ago to do some interviews, start vibing on the tour. I went home that night and thought, ‘God damn, ‘Helter Skelter.’ It’s so fucking obvious!’”

Zombie continues, “I did my [vocals] on the east coast, then flew to the west coast and recorded my guys, because it’s all my band. I think he was in Madrid by that point, so I sent him the track and he did his vocals there. I think it works great. I’ll sing half a verse, he’ll sing the other half, we’ll do the choruses together and I think the vocals mix well together. We just wanted to make it denser and darker. John [5] always adds lots of flair, it’s exciting when you hear him go into it.”

The Twins of Evil: Second Coming tour is the second time Zombie and Manson are hitting the road together. They embarked on the first Twins of Evil tour in 2012, but they quickly stirred up tension. Though things started out well, there were several incidents between Manson and Zombie. The first started after their performance in Chicago with Manson posting on Twitter “Sorry to Chicago for not getting to play ‘Beautiful People.’ You can sing it in between Zombie songs, his band has already played it.”

The incident escalated the next night in Detroit when Manson thought Zombie purposely cut into his set time and launched into a tirade saying “I’m sorry if you came to see Rob Zombie, and he can’t come on, because I’m going to beat his ass … twice … three fucking times.” Zombie responded by yelling various obscenities directed at Manson. To add fuel to the fire, he covered Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” and dedicated it to “the only real shock rocker there ever was, Alice Cooper, not some punk-ass bitch.”

Zombie insists things are good now and they’ve since made up. See where Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson will play next here.

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