Former Bullet For My Valentine Drummer Moose Thomas Speaks About His Departure

Former Bullet For My Valentine drummer Michael “Moose” Thomas recently opened up about his 2017 departure from the band.

During an interview with Wall of Sound, he revealed he left the band due to creative stagnation and being unhappy with where the band was taking their sound. He also talks about the band’s maligned fourth album, Temper Temper.

“Bullet got very stale,” he said. “After the third album, we were trying to get a bit of cash, because it is your job. But it just got boring.”

He continues, “It was just too safe with Bullet. We started recording our fourth album, Temper Temper, and we were just writing for radio, which is definitely the wrong thing to do. When I joined Kill the Lights, we were just, like, ‘Fuck radio. We have our own sound.’ I grew up with a lot of punk rock and none of that is on the radio. We just enjoy what we’re playing, and that’s where we are at the moment, just being ourselves.”

During an appearance on No Fucking Regrets with Robb Flynn podcast, Thomas said he didn’t leave the band on his own accord.

“We’d done the last album [in 2015], which was ‘Venom’, which was kind of more back-to-the-heavier-roots type of thing, which I was a lot happier with; I think everyone was,” Thomas explained. “And it was on that album we left — Jay [bassist Jason James], and then I left a year later. So we finished Venom and then started touring Venom. It was on the European tour cycle of Venom that I left and didn’t return. I would have gone back [on tour], but no one answered my e-mails.”

Thomas launched his new band Kill the Lights earlier this year. Their debut album The Sinner, drops August 21st. Check out their new song below.

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