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Vania Fernandes Quartet, 14/02/2014 in Lisbon

14 February… Valentine’s Day…

Honestly, these festivities feel a little boring. Yeap I’m the kind of girl who prefers a surprise! a real one!

Anyway… good jazz is always a good reason to go out and enjoy Lisbon at night with a good company.

  2014-02-14 23.49.08

And the real surprise got us both after Valentine’s menu. A great jazz concert, with a splendid version of a morna song from Cesária Évora.

People from Cabo Verde: you know what I’m talking about. In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful songs ever written: Sodade.

And the version from Vânia Fernandes and her jazz crew was absolutely delicious. I got so fascinated with it I didn’t film it (which is good! I was celebrating love lol)

Vania has a wonderful voice, perfectly engaged with the jazz style. She is from Madeira (Cristiano Ronaldo’s Island 😉 Couldn’t help it lol)

She won one of those singers/voices contests some years ago in Portugal and she’s still conquering her space in the music business. Jazz is one of her weapons.

I would highlight another song I adore: Madalena. This song has as many versions as stars in a clear night and I just adore every time I listen to it. And Vania made it to my Top 10!

Google or Youtube it: Madalena from Elis Regina

2014-02-15 00.11.19

2014-02-15 00.45.14

Salsa, morna, samba, jazz. A worldwide feeling inside a small jazz club in Lisbon. Unfortunately a week later it was announced that its management decided to shutdown the club. Crisis has hit them.

I will miss it alot!

Onda Jazz Restaurant


My funny Valentine


While we need it


I’m old fashion

A child is born

Madalena (

Cheek to cheek

(3 are missing due to my lack of attention I must confess)

Vania Fernandes Quartet

Vania Fernandes (Vocals)

Victor Zamora ( Piano)

Nelson Cascais (Bass)

Alexandre Frazão (Drums)

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