Prima Donna Share New Single ‘Atomic Love’

Surprise! Prima Donna have shared their new single “Atomic Love.”

The upbeat track sounds an homage to 70s blues rock with its rockabilly vibe with a dash of glam and hints of punk. The catchy hook finds frontman Kevin Preston singing “Ooh neutron baby/radiating/atomic love.”

Listen to it below.

“We made these songs during the pandemic lockdown so it was a unique experience going into the studio separately,” keyboardist/saxophonist Aaron Minton tells GENRE IS DEAD! “Our engineer Bruce Witkin did an amazing job and we all gelled with him right off the bat. ‘Atomic Love’ is a catchy song with vibes of the Boys, the Vibrators but also includes something new to our sound – slide guitar.”

He continues: “We decided to cover Gene Pitney’s ‘He’s a Rebel’, on the B-side. It’s very special to us because we’ve always loved the Crystals/Darlene Love version of it, produced by Phil Spector. Of course, we had to speed it up and make it Prima Donna. I love the baritone sax solo by Steve Douglas on the Crystals version and did it on my tenor sax for ours.

“Artist Spencer Alexander did some fun, Archies-ish comic art for the cover and backside of the 45 vinyl. Our label head Steven Van Zandt gave his blessing and Wicked Cool Records was able to make the vinyl ‘atomic orange!'”

“Atomic Love” will be released as a limited-edition seven-inch pressed on transparent orange vinyl via Wicked Cool Records. The b-side features a cover of Gene Pitney’s “He’s A Rebel.” Buy the seven-inch here.

Speaking with GENRE IS DEAD! about Prima Donna’s next album, drummer David S. Field said:

“Everyone’s coming up with ideas right now. It’s gonna be a process. It’s gonna be a lot of phone demos. Hopefully, it won’t slow down the process too much, but it’s gonna be tough writing a whole album like this. Best case scenario is we all get tested and go up to the hills for three weeks, but we know that’s not possible right now considering everyone’s own situation.

“It’s gonna be slow, but we’re all in that mode. We have a label that wants to put it out, Wicked Cool. They’ve been super supportive of us. They’re ready to do it, so we’re ready to at least start throwing around ideas. What else are we gonna do in the next few months?”

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