Watch PUP’s Quarantined Performance Of ‘Anaphylaxis’

PUP has shared their new live video for their latest single “Anaphylaxis.”

The clip shows the band performing the song live for the first time from their homes and in vocalist Stefan Babcock’s case, from his van. Even though they’re stuck at home, the video still captures the raw energy and adrenaline of PUP live.

Talking about the video Babcock says “During our quarantine, I couldn’t go to our jam space. I also live in a small apartment and my neighbours understandably get very annoyed and/or concerned about my mental state when they hear me yelling my head off about getting stung by bees or killing my bandmates or whatever garbage these dumb songs are about. So I started making demos and recording in my car in a parking lot across the street from my house. Every few minutes, cops would slowly drive past to see what the unhinged kid in the busted up Ford Escape was doing. But I’m white, so lucky me, my biggest worry was that they’d judge my precious lyrics. White privilege is real. Defund the police.”

Watch the video below.

PUP have also released new Morbid Stuff-themed masks, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Trans Toolkits Collective, supporting trans, two-spirit, and non-binary people in Toronto dealing with gender dysphoria and being hit especially hard by COVID-19 by delivering personalized toolkits of gender essential items. Check them out here.

You can catch PUP at Riot Fest in Chicago next year. Get tickets here.

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