Rapper Karim Tanoe Drops New Track “Koi: Hate”

London rapper Karim Tanoé has released Koi: Hateoff his upcoming conceptual mixtape The Next Step. The collection shares the story of the inner battles we all face pinning the realist against the dreamer. In the carnal matters of love and lust this polarity weakens bringing the two opposing forces closer together, which is ultimately what “Koi : Hate” describes. 

As a bit of background, Karim Tanoé is no new-comer to the scene. This mixtape continues on the narrative of the The First Step which was his debut release last year. Since then he has become a regular fixture in London’s underground hip-hop community where he is known for the crafted emphasis that he places on lyricism and rhyme, as is evidenced in The Next Step.

There is more to come with this mixtape so make sure to follow Karim Tanoé and stay up-to-date in the plot line that is The Next Step.


Anthony Katz

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