Record Store Day Announces Exclusive Releases For Black Friday

Record Store Day has revealed its exclusive titles for Black Friday, which will be available at independent record stores on Friday, November 27th.

Some of this year’s exclusives include a red and white vinyl edition of My Chemical Romance’s Life On The Murder Scene, the vinyl release of Alice In Chains’ second EP SAP, the Beastie Boys’ 1994 compilation Some Old Bullshit vinyl reissue, a collector’s edition of The Rolling Stones’ Let It Bleed, a seven-inch of Chris Cornell’s “Patience” and more.

The Big Moon, the official ambassadors of this year’s event, say: “We’ve played in lots of excellent record shops up and down the country and have met wonderful people every time. From the people who work there and organize events to the generous souls who have parted with their money and time to buy our records and come to see us play intimate shows. It just generally made us feel like what we’re doing is sometimes worthwhile.

“It’s important that we protect these physical communal spaces so that in the post coronavirus world we can make sure they are still there and accessible and welcoming to all. Support your local record store!”

Check out the full list here.

Meanwhile, the last Record Store Day drop happens on October 24th.

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