Watch Royal Blood’s New Video For ‘Limbo’

Royal Blood have shared their new video for “Limbo,” the latest track from their upcoming album, Typhoons.

Directed by Joao Retorta, the clip features two motorcycle gangs cruising the empty streets before they meet up for the ultimate dance-off.

Watch the video below.

The band have described the song as “without a doubt the most ambitious and wildest we have allowed ourselves to be,” adding: “We can’t wait to invite you this far down the rabbit hole with us.”

Last weekend, the duo debuted “Limbo” live during their three-song set at Roblox’s Bloxy awards. Along with the new single, the virtual duo also performed “Figure It Out” and “Trouble’s Coming” during the ceremony.

While speaking with GENRE IS DEAD!, drummer Ben Thatcher talked about the pandemic’s influence on Typhoons‘ new direction  saying:

“I think you take anything into consideration with what’s going on. And we don’t know what we would come out with if this didn’t happen. Taking that all into perspective, it totally changed what we were doing and the course of this record for the better. I think we had more time to reflect on the songs. It was an unusual time for sure, but we’re more excited with what we came out with.”

Royal Blood’s new album, Typhoons, comes out April 30th.

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