Watch Royal Blood Premiere ‘Limbo’ At Roblox Awards

File this one under strange but true. Over the weekend, Royal Blood virtually performed a three-song set at Roblox’s Bloxy Awards.

After blasting through “Trouble’s Coming” and “Figure It Out” the duo gave their latest single “Limbo” its live debut. The low-poly version of the band played the song while plenty of pyro and explosions going off around them. It’s an interesting performance to say the least. Just another reminder of how weird the past year has been.

Watch the entire performance below.

Royal Blood are not the first to perform on Roblox. Last year, both Lil Nas X and Ava Max gave virtual performances in the game. Their appearance at the Roblox awards marks their first performance of 2021.

While speaking with GENRE IS DEAD!, drummer Ben Thatcher spoke about Royal Blood’s apprehension at doing livestream performances:

“I mean there are all kinds of possibilities but they’re all diluted ideas. Really, we want people to be in the same room together…you’re never really attending [livestreams], are you? You have them on your computer, and you can go make yourself a cup of coffee in the middle of it and watch it in your pajamas. For a gig, you want to put on your best jeans and meet your mates at a pub and go see your favorite band, which has a very different effect when you’re opening the computer and trying to log on to YouTube to watch a show.”

Royal Blood’s new album, Typhoons, drops April 30th.

Ashley Perez Hollingsworth

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