Simple Creatures’ Alex Gaskarth Reveals New Music Is Coming Soon

Things have been quiet for Simple Creatures since the release of their last EP, Everything Opposite, in 2019. But according to Alex Gaskarth, new music should be coming soon.

During a recent interview with Kerrang! Gaskarth gave an update on the band saying he and Mark Hoppus frequently check in with each other and have “some ideas kicking around” for new Simple Creatures music.

“We’ve talked about it a lot and we have some ideas kicking back and forth,” Gaskarth says. “It was a challenge to get Simple Creatures rolling again because both of us personally just had a lot going on in our lives. Mark lives on the opposite coast to me, and despite the fact I wasn’t doing All Time Low the way we usually would, we were still very busy with that. So we haven’t been as active with it as maybe we would have liked, but there are some songs kicking back and forth.”

He continues “Mark and I kind of check in with each other usually at least once a week to be like,​‘Hey, what’s up about Simple Creatures?’ and,​‘When are we doing something?’ The conversation is always being had, and the thing that’s great about Simple Creatures is we designed it to be something that when we are ready to fire it up, it’s pretty quick to fire up. At some point, I think there will be something coming your way.”

Hopefully, it won’t be much longer until we get some new Simple Creatures material.

Gaskarth also revealed there’s new All Time Low material in the works.

“Typically we put a record out and then go on tour for a long time, and I don’t normally find the headspace to write as much – I go on tour mode. So this time I quickly had to flip that gear back into creative mode and it was pretty fun! We probably have another two albums’ worth of music at this point…”

Recently, All Time Low’s “Monsters” entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at No. 88 marking the second time they’ve appeared on the chart.

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