Slipknot Teases 20th Anniversary Celebration Of Debut Album

Looks like Slipknot fans have a lot to look forward to next year. Not only is new music coming, but the band will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 1999 self-titled album. Percussionist Shawn Crahan, aka Clown, offered a cryptic teaser of the event during his interview with Iowa’s Lazer 103.3.

“Basically, we’re celebrating 20 years of the first album and we thought it would be cool to make some art on many different levels for the planet,” says Crahan. “We’ve been gone long enough and I think it’s time people understand what’s really happening, so we’re putting together a little something something for the 20th anniversary.”

Crahan also spoke briefly about the band’s next album saying:

“I’ll let the world know this: I get reprimanded a lot for my mouth just for how much I want to deliver because I really don’t care, but I’ll tell you this: A, we’ve been home for two years. B, do your research and figure out how long we really stay home and C, staying home gets boring, so you’ve got to do things. I would imagine that there’s material that’s not only out there, but it’s finished. We did things a little bit different this time off. We made sure we made ourselves happy and making ourselves happy is we live for the song, we live for the stage, we live for the fans, we live for the art, but if it’s going to be a time we can create art, record songs, write songs, jam songs, we do it. So, we’ve learned we’re obsessed with that process. We love chasing vision and art until it’s complete. It takes time. We did ourselves a solid this time around and made sure the whole time off we could create and that’s what we did. It’s been awesome, and I think everybody is going to understand just how wonderful it has been the last two years to take the time off and create.”

Last week, the Slipknot launched their own haunted house in their hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. They teamed up with Iowa haunted house company, Slaughterhouse for an experience that will include band memorabilia, 40-50 actors that will bring the band’s “iconology, lore, and culture to life,” and meet and greet events with band members.

The attraction is currently open until October 28. The weekend of October 18-21 will include VIP packages. Tickets start at $20. Find tickets and more information here.

Ashley Perez Hollingsworth

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