Slipknot’s Shawn Crahan Talks Trump’s Mexico Wall And Religion

Slipknot’s drummer Shawn Crahan was recently asked on his opinion on president Trump’s plan to build a wall on the US and Mexico border.

Crahan, who has directed Slipknot’s upcoming documentary Day of the Gusano, which was filmed in Mexico City, said: “In my opinion, there is no wall in rock and roll, and there will never be a wall in rock and roll. When you come to a Slipknot show, every race of people is there. Why wouldn’t there be? I wouldn’t do this if we had rules of who could come. We’re all human… So all I can ever say is I couldn’t comprehend [having] walls in music. We in the music business try to break down walls. So hopefully you feel that that’s what we’re doing.”

“Right now, the world is a really strange place, and yes, things are very tense. But I’m not political or religious, because I just don’t devote my life to that stuff and I don’t wanna seem ignorant in it, so I just perform and play God music, and that’s all we’re ever gonna do. We feel because… I wanna come here and express my love, and I want everyone to not judge all of us Americans, and we don’t wanna judge you, and that’s really the point. And that’s what music does for all of us. It’s really God to me,” added Crahan.

Crahan elaborated more on the topic of God, saying: “Music is the only God I really know, because it’s the only thing that’s been there and helped me through everything — whether it was money or a relationship or spiritual or physical… It doesn’t matter — music is the only thing.”

Slipknot’s documentary Day of the Gusano comes out Sept. 6 and will receive a limited theatrical run.

Watch the full press conference below:


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