Slipknot’s Unreleased LP Recorded During ‘All Hope Is Gone’ Sessions May Get A Release

During 2008 Slipknot wasn’t just busy recording their fourth album All Hope Is Gone. Turns out they had enough energy to record another album. Percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan tells Metal Hammer that he, along with singer Corey Taylor, guitarist Jim Root, and DJ Sid Wilson recorded an entire album’s worth of tracks that he hopes to release in the future.

“There’s a collection of songs that were recorded, 11 I think, I’ve held on to them for 10 years because it hasn’t been right, and I’m going to let you know now that it’s feeling right,” Clown revealed. “Is it Slipknot? No, it’s not Slipknot. Is it four members of Slipknot? Yes. It’s four members of Slipknot. Is it music being written at the same time as All Hope Is Gone? Absolutely.”

Only of one of the tracks, “Til We Die,” saw release on the digipak version of All Hope Is Gone. Clown went on to explain the recording process saying, “Jim would write guitar then go down and play guitar on the album, then come up and finish playing guitar on the song. That’s how we’d kill time during those four months.”

Clown hopes the album will get released eventually but didn’t mention any other specifics. In the meantime, you can look forward to the 10th-anniversary re-release of All Hope Is Gone featuring new artwork and a bonus live disc. Pre-order your copy here. And check out the video for their new single, “All Out Life,” below.


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