Non-Green Day Band The Network Share New Video For ‘Fentanyl’

Mysterious masked band The Network, who aren’t Green Day in disguise, have shared their new video for “Fentanyl.”

Similar to previous videos, “Fentanyl” is another weird performance clip where the band plays the song against vintage surreal footage. The song highlights the band’s new wave sound with infectious synth ripped straight from the 80s and monotone vocals by Fink, who sounds suspiciously similar to Billie Joe Armstrong.

Watch the video below.

The Network released their new EP, Trans Am, last week. Previously, they shared videos for “Ivankkka is a Nazi,” “Trans Am,” and “Flat Earth.” Their first album in 17 years, Money Money 2020 Part II: Told Ya So! comes out December 4th.

In a recent press release for his new album No Fun Mondays, Billie Joe Armstrong confirmed that he is definitely not the masked singer behind The Network.


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