The Network Unveil ‘Threat Level Midnight,’ Release First Album In 17 Years

Non-Green Day-related band The Network pays homage to The Office on their latest single “Threat Level Midnight.”

The song, which references The Office’s Michael Scott’s ambitious and misguided movie of the same name, is a high-energy, punk rock banger that sees frontman Billie Joe Fink warning “Danger/It’s coming from the sky/Danger Danger/It’s unidentified/Danger, woah-oh/You won’t make it out alive.”

Watch the video below.

The Network’s new album, Money Money 2020 Part II: We Told Ya So!, is out now. The 25-track album is the band’s manifesto about the prophecy which involves dystopic futures, their time-traveling abilities, and lots of conspiracies. With a strange, yet compelling amalgamation of new wave, synth-pop, and punk rock, The Network proves they are truly the best band in the universe. Then again, they tried to tell us this back in 2003 on their debut album, Money Money 2020.

Money Money 2020 Part II: We Told Ya So! is available to stream now. The album will be released on CD February 12th, 2021 and vinyl April 30th, 2021. Pre-order a copy here.

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