The Struts Unveil New Single ‘Fallin’ With Me’

The Struts have shared their new single “Fallin’ With Me,” their first new music since signing with Big Machine Label Group in March.

Produced by Jayson DeZuzio (Imagine Dragons) and written by frontman Luke Spiller with The Struts guitarist Adam Slack, Joshua Karp, Jesse Thomas, and DeZuzio, ‘Fallin’ With Me’ was inspired by many evenings spent on LA’s Sunset Strip.

“The song’s lyrics were written down whilst on numerous nights out with someone that I was seeing at the time,” says Spiller. “We always kept meeting at the same place on the Sunset Strip and after a while I had a collection of phrases and lines that all had a certain feel to them.”

“The chorus was intended to be a really heartfelt ballad, but once the music had been recorded it took the vocal delivery to another place entirely,” Spiller continues. “Fa-fa-fa-fallin’ was just me joking around and having a laugh, but it quickly became a crucial part of setting the tone of the song.”

“Fallin’ With Me’ is something that The Struts have never done before. We’ve done a lot of straight-up rock, but this feels different,” Spiller says. “The response we have been getting while performing it live has been electric, so I’m excited for everyone to hear the studio version!”

Listen to the new song below.

The Struts’ latest album, Strange Days, was released in 2020. The band will embark on a brief North American tour in September. Check out all of their dates here.

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