Top 3 Albums of 2013 (by Larisa)

This year is been an incredible year for music. Here’re my top 3 albums of the year:

1. FORTRESS – Alter Bridge (September 2013, Roadrunner Records)

Alter Bridge is an American band from Orlando, US, formed by Myles Kennedy (vocals, guitar), Mark Tremonti (guitar, vocals), Scott Philips (drums) and Brian Marshall (bass) since 2004.

The first single – Addicted To Pain brings full energy and captures the best bit off the album. First track – Cry of Achilles, an acoustic guitar solo by Myles in the intro to the heaviness in the first verse gives a perfect transform and an epic opening for the album.

The guitar-solo-shifts between Myles and Mark in a few songs like Cry of Achilles as mentioned and titled track Fortress is another highlight; not to mention the solid bass lines and drumming parts by Brian and Scott give the songs the heaviness like Bleed It Dry; ballad songs like Lover and All Ends Well shows another side of Alter Bridge and their capabilities. To conclude that, Fortress is definitely one of the best hard rock albums of the year and the best album the band ever produced to-date.

Recommended tracks: Cry of Achilles, Lover, Fortress

2. …LIKE CLOCKWORK – Queens of the Stone Age (June 2013, Matador Records)

Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) is indeed brought out another great album to their portfolio this year. An album that is well-produced, with great collaborations with musicians like Alex Turner, Dave Grohl etc.

QOTSA’s music never disappoint me and so do this record. The first single – My God is the Sun, gives listener a fresh listen. Smooth Sailing is like a funky track and gives people hypes. Besides the 2 tracks just mentioned, my favourite tacks are I Sat By The Ocean and If I Had A Tail. The band’s latest music video – The Vampyre of Time and Memory, is an interesting interactive video, you can check it out to have your own unique experience.

Recommended tracks: I Sat By The Ocean, My God is the Sun, Smooth Sailing

3. HESITATION MARKS – Nine Inch Nails (August 2013, Polydor Records)

Starting this with the lyrics of the first single – Came Back Haunted: “I said goodbye but I had to try, I came back haunted”, Nine Inch Nails brought a great comeback album since The Slip back in 2008.

The sound of Hesitation Marks keeps the direction from The Slip but it’s in a more experimental way. If you heard of the album Welcome Oblivion by Trent Reznor’s side project – How To Destroy Angels, compare the sound with this record, you may find little similarities with this 2 records. Try to experience Hesitation Marks as a whole and you may have an amazing music journey with a good combination of rock and electronic sound.

Recommended tracks: Copy of A, All Time Low, Satellite


Other favourite albums: From Death To Destiny – Asking Alexandria, Sempiternal – Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here – Alice In Chains, Save Rock And Roll – Fall Out Boy, Temper Temper – Bullet For My Valentine, Hail To The King – Avenged Sevenfold

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