Ultra Q Returns With New Song ‘I Watched Them Go’

Ultra Q have released their new song “I Watched Them Go,” their first new song since last year’s Get Yourself A Friend EP.

The track charts new territory for Ultra Q. Featuring a synth-pop beat and a heavy emphasis on electronic music, it marks the band’s first foray into pop music, which frontman Jakob Armstrong is very aware of.

“’I Watched Them Go’ is Ultra Q’s first pop song,” Armstrong explains. “At the same time though I think that it represents everything that UQ is supposed to be. It’s catchy, it’s outrageous, it’s beautiful, but it lands just enough in left field to be unexpected for our fans. We think this is the perfect single because while it’s definitely extreme, it’ll find a home in our fans. Both old and new.”

Watch the video below.

Ultra Q will play a show at The New Parish in Oakland, California on November 26th. Tickets are on sale now.

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