Watch John Legend’s New Emotional Video for “Surefire”

John Legend celebrates love and its power to cross borders in his new poignant video for “Surefire”, a track from his recent fifth album Darkness and Light.

Directed by Cole Wiley, the clip tells a story of a young couple Jamila and Roberto, as they battle obstacles in the way of their relationship.

After a fight with Jamila’s disapproving father, Robert ends up deported back to his native Mexico. Jamila hitchhikes south to find her boyfriend with his mother.

In a statement Wiley said the video was a tribute to “eternal faith … that love is the most powerful force in the universe”.

He added: “Human civilization is experiencing an extraordinary moment in time. We are more capable of doing more good than ever before, but we are still mired by a myriad of systemic failures that continue to arise because of our continuing lack of empathy towards others. That is why Jamila and Roberto, the star-crossed lovers featured in the ‘Surefire’ music video, face a number of obstacles that are heavily rooted in the current state of America. Fear of immigration, religious bigotry and many other forms of prejudice are contaminating our cultural landscape on a daily basis.”

You can watch “Surefire” below.

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