While She Sleeps Announce New Album And Intiaitive ‘Sleeps Society’

While She Sleeps have announced their new album, Sleeps Society. The album won’t be out until April 16th, 2021, but you can stream the title track below.

Sleeps Society is also the name of the band’s new initiative that goes against traditional music industry practices in effort to create a more sustainable model for artists.

“Our goal is to create a sustainable model for artists and creatives, to break from the traditional industry mould by building and developing a true interdependence between the band and fans,” said frontman Loz Taylor of the new Patreon initiative.

“With the future of live performances uncertain, the Sleeps Society will enable a secure existence for WSS and gives us the opportunity to stay connected with our fanbase, developing new ways to provide for our supporters and fill the void left without live music. In these uncertain times, this is the difference between life and death for the future of WSS. We aren’t prepared to be another band forced to give up simply be­cause the system isn’t designed to support the artist.”

Similar to other Patreon models, Sleeps Society will charge a membership fee that goes directly to “fund the creation and survival of WSS.” In return, fans will be rewarded with “an in-depth look into making the forthcoming album and livestreamed studio sessions where members can help make deci­sions in the writing stages of songs. Members will get early access to tour tickets, exclusive merchandise, warehouse meet-ups, events and secret ‘members only’ shows. And that’s just scratching the surface of what we’ll be offering members through the Society.”

“The Sleeps Society ensures a solid future for WSS and creates a new model of survival for artists and bands alike. We will be delivering the highest level of fan involvement and fostering a symbiotic relationship as the Sleeps Society becomes an integral part of Sleeps’ existence.”

Learn more about Sleeps Society and sign up here.

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