Welcome to GENRE IS DEAD! Magazine - the music magazine bringing you news, interviews, photos, reviews and other fun stuff about all kinds of music. Whatever makes our heart dance/rock/pop etc.!  We believe in the social value of music and its power to change the world for the better. As cliché as that might sound. 

We are a practically just a bunch of friends who met at concerts, on social media and/or on message boards throughout the years and decided to use our free time to share our passion with the world. If you want to be a part of our awesome team, we are still looking for writers, photographers and graphic artists to help us out. If you're interested, message us at contact@genreisdead.com!

Send inquiries regarding press, music submissions and advertising to contact@genreisdead.com - we offer all banner sizes, sponsored posts, especially in our categories "Sound of the Underground" and "Discover New Music". 

Meet the GID Team

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