Adam Lambert – Queen’s New Frontman?

As the remaining members of Queen embark on a North American summer tour, they are preparing to bring along a familiar face. He’s no Freddie Mercury, however, he is his own type of diva. Adam Lambert is set to jam out with Queen as their frontman for the 19 date tour, kicking off on June 19th. 

Queen (Brian May and Roger Taylor) + Adam Lambert Announce North American Tour

Brian May and Roger Taylor are no strangers to Adam Lambert. They first performed together on American Idol in 2009, belting out “We Are the Champions”, then reunited in 2011 to perform 3 big hits at the MTV EMAs. After Freddie Mercury’s passing in November of 1991, the band didn’t tour, and only rarely performed to live audiences. The band decided they needed a reboot, and with Taylor being 64, and May being 66, they felt that this might be their last chance. Adam Lambert has noted on several occasions that he is excited about the tour, but was also a bit “apprehensive” about taking the opportunity. He stated that

“Freddie Mercury is one of the greatest singers that ever lived, and he’s a big idol for me, and I thought to myself, you know I hope that the fans dig this, you know, because there is a possibility that they wouldn’t.”

All in all, Roger Taylor and Brian May, as well as many Queen fans, are accepting Lambert with open arms and warm hearts. This is a chance for the music we’ve all heard and enjoyed to be reincarnated and enjoyed all over again – just with a few minor changes.

Are you planning on seeing Adam Lambert and Queen on any of the 19 stops in North America? Do you think that this will be “Killer Queen” or will “Another One Bite the Dust”?

As you know, “The Show Must Go On” either way!

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4 thoughts on “Adam Lambert – Queen’s New Frontman?

  • I have tickets to two of their Canadian concerts. I can’t wait. Long time fan of Queen and Adam Lambert has an amazing voice. This is going to be great.

  • Adam has a better voice with more power than Freddie had. I like Adam much better as a frontman because he sings the songs truer to the original melodies and tempos. Freddie improvised more and the songs suffered. Queen’s songs have such incredible melodies that need to be heard on the original notes, not improvised notes. I would not miss this concert. I hope there is a DVD and a live album. I would like to have a studio album of all of Queen’s hits with Adam singing lead.


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