GENRE IS DEAD! Interview with SWMRS

GID: So do you think 2020 will be the big year in the US for the Democrats again?

Seb: Maybe 2020 will be the year where shit starts to get really good.

Max: Yeah, whatever happens, I just think people below the age of 30 are very much ready to get everyone else out of the way. I don’t think everyone below the age of 30 is as obsessed with making money. We’re more interested in trying to figure out a way so that the world can be a better place, so there’s more of a leaning towards the left side of politics.

Cole: I think the 2020s will be the decade for thoughtful thinkers. The last 20 years have been shit show, after shit show, after shit show. And we grew up in it, so it’s like, okay we actually care about it now – okay the world’s gonna die. So how do we fix that? There’s extreme poverty, there are crazy people getting pushed out of cities because they can’t afford it. How do you fix that? How do you fix the water crisis? Those are the things we care about. You don’t care about taxing, paying fewer taxes. If we have to pay more taxes to solve the world’s problems, so be it. 

GID: I think especially younger people are willing to do their part. 

Seb: Yeah, I mean we already pay the amount of taxes that it should take to fix things, but they all go to the fucking military.

Cole: We all know people who live in places where they have to pay extra if they use too much water. We all know people who have pre-existing conditions in health care. We all know people or we’ve met people who can’t afford three meals a day. It affects everyone personally now especially cause the world seems smaller with social media, so now it’s like that’s what we care about. Fuck people who are obsessed with making money. I mean we want to make money, but enough to live comfortably. 

I think the 2020s will be the decade for thoughtful thinkers.
– Cole Becker

GID: Enough to buy merchandise!

Cole: Yeah, exactly!

GID: Whenever I get my paycheck it’s just like okay which records can I buy? Which shows can I go to? And in Europe, a lot of people travel for shows, which I don’t think people in the US do a lot.

Seb: Not to the extent that they do here. We do have some fans who travel. Taylor, she’s been to 25 states. She’s from Ohio, she’ll come all the way to California, she’ll go all the way to New York, all the way to Louisiana, she’s everywhere and it’s crazy because the US is very big.

GID: Yeah and I think that’s the problem. Traveling in Europe is much easier, I think. In May, I did a tour of my favorite German punk band. They toured through Europe and went to Italy, France and England.

Joey: It’s pretty cool to see all those different places and to see all those crowds. It’s kind of like American college football. People will travel to other cities and they’ll kind of make a whole celebration. They’ll go party in different places. I think traveling to see bands is a lot cooler, but it’s the same type of mentality where it’s like let’s go have fun in a different city and support our team. 

Seb: It’s one of the coolest things that people do with our music. 

GID: Let’s talk about the song Lonely Ghost. I think everyone knows that feeling of isolation or as you put it “anti-social” and apathy in a crowded room. What do you do in situations like this?

Max: Smoke a joint and open up your eyes and ears.

Cole: I always just resort to trying to not be awkward, but mostly I’m people watching. I’m just observing what’s going on around me. I always look really weird when I’m doing it.

Max: The best thing one can do is, if you feel like you walk into a party or a group or something where you don’t necessarily feel like you fit in or you feel uncomfortable, the best thing you can do is hide behind holding a beverage – it doesn’t have to be alcohol, even if it’s just water. The first thing you do is grab a glass of water or something, grab something you can hold in your hand for the confidence. And then go to talk to somebody and say what’s up? I’m so and so. 

Seb: First thing you do is find the alpha, punch him in the face. 

Max: You can say “Hey how’s it going? I’m blah, blah, blah. This party’s weird.” Or whatever (laughs). The best is just to smile your way through. 

Seb: One time Max tried to tell someone their hair was really cool. It was a catastrophic failure. That’s probably for another time.

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