Industrial Supergroup Purest Form Drop New EP ‘S/T’

Industrial supergroup Purest Form, featuring Madison Woodward (Fury, Object of Affection), bassist Riley Joyner (Pocketknife), and vocalist Story Beeson (Choking on Ash, Vacant Future) have shared their new EP S/T. Stream the EP below.

The EP features previously released single “BROKE” along with “OPTICS” and their new single “SELF DESTRUCTION.” The song is “about one’s outward ego / inner self and the complicated battle between the two,” the band says. Its video, directed and shot by Jeremy Smith “was inspired by 1990’s ‘Begotten’ with costume and aesthetics as well as Wim Wenders camera work,” said Beeson.

Watch it below.

Purest Form formed earlier this year and is described as “an amalgamation of everything we love without being a facsimile of anything specific.” Joyner goes on to say We don’t want people just standing around. You can be kind and still hold hardness.”

“Music is supposed to set you free,” Beeson adds. “Day to day, we’re all subduing ourselves to function—what’s the point of music if it’s not to set you free? Don’t be afraid to look like a freak.”

Purest Form recently covered the Prodigy classic “Breathe” during their first-ever live show, on February 9th at L.A.’s Genghis Cohen. Watch that here.

Ashley Perez Hollingsworth

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